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Custom VIN Decoder

Webmasters: Add a Free VIN Decoder to Your Site!

Do you run a web site or a blog and would like to offer VIN decoding services to your readers?  We'd love to help!  By pasting the code below into your web site you can add a free and full-featured VIN decoder quickly and painlessly!  It executes no Javascript, so its safe to trust.  What you get is the following:

Decode ANY Car VIN Here

Free VIN Decoder by Decode This!


When your readers type their VIN in the box and click on the Go! button we'll decode it for them in all its glory!

You can place this anywhere on your site that you'd like. Simply select the code below and copy it to your clipboard. Then paste it wherever you want it to go! All that we ask is that you don't remove the friendly reminder at the bottom of where the decoder comes from!

The Code:

Webmasters: If you need help installing the code, or would like to modify it to better support your site, please feel free to contact me for assistance.