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New Features Part 1

New features for Decode This

Welcome to the New(er) Decode This!

New Decode This

We've added a lot of new features to the redesigned Decode This. We'd love to show you what we've been working on behind the scenes to improve the service that Decode This offers.

Mobile Ready!

One of the primary considerations for the new site design is the ability to support mobile devices. The new design is "responsive", meaning it automatically adjusts itself based on the screen size of the device that it is being view on. This means one site serves the traditional desktop user as well as the iPhone and Android user. Give it a try yourself on your favorite mobile device!


Registered users of the site now have a new home screen. Instead of the traditional home page, once you log in you're presented with a list of the recent vehicle decodes you've performed. Registered users will see the last five vehicles, while Subscribers will see a scrolling list of all the vehicles they've decoded over time. You can search through your list and find the decode you're looking for.


We've taken the vehicle recall information offered by the NHTSA and offer it up with every vehicle decode. See the history of recalls with your decodes. Subscribers will see the full list of recalls for any vehicle while other users will see up to two of the recalls. This information is updated daily to provide you the best source of information for your car or truck on recalls.

See Other Trim Levels

In the old version of Decode This you had to pick the trim level of a vehicle before we'd show you the decode. This was because the system wasn't flexible enough to allow you to change the trim later. Now we show you a list of all the trim levels and allow you to change it at will by simply clicking on the appropriate one. We'll refresh the display and show you the data for that trim level.

Permanent Options

As a registered user once you've decoded a VIN you can select certain optional information. For example if you know the vehicle is red you can select the exterior color of red from the drop down. From then on anyone who views that decode will see by default the option you chose.

This also applies to the trim level. The last trim level the creator of the decode chooses is the default trim level for that vehicle. It's a way for you to provide the information the VIN doesn't include.

Suggest a Vehicle

Ever enter a VIN and we can't provide you a decode? If you know what the vehicle really is please let us know! Now when you enter an unknown vehicle VIN we'll provide you with a form where you can give us as much information as you can about that vehicle. We'll use that information to make our data better.

Subscriber Benefits

We're always looking for ways to provide an exceptional service to our subscribers. Supporting Decode This with your subscription is something we appreciate and try to make a value proposition. Not only do you have ads disabled, but you get additional services like the enhanced dashboard and recalls. Have a feature you'd like to see us add? We listen to our userbase and subscribers.

Coming Soon

We've got several features that are still in the works. We're hoping to launch them soon.


As a registered user, when you decode a vehicle you can also add photographs to that vehicle's listing. This is great if you want to use the listing as a reference for the vehicle. There is also a way to add generic photos that will display for any vehicle decoded of that type.

Suggest an Item

We're opening up our data to you! If you know of a certain piece of information about a vehicle that we currently aren't displaying we'd love to get your input. Soon you'll be able to enter the category and value of a piece of data for a decode. We'll evaluate the data and if it passes muster we'll add it to our database. It's a great way to give back to the community.

Window Stickers

Ever want to sell your car? We provide, a service that lets you decode a VIN and use it to make a window sticker like you see when you're shopping for a car on a dealer's lot. All the handy information about your car is listed there. We're incorporating this feature into the Decode This site in the near future.

We Welcome Your Input

do you see something else you think we could do to make the whole experience better? Please don't be shy, email us at and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Thanks for 10 years of contributing to our list of VINs! We look forward to another 10 years of service.

Richard Brown
Decode This

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