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About Decode This

Nearly 10 years of free VIN decoding

The Universal VIN Decoder

Decode This is a web site dedicated to providing information on Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN), a unique code assigned to every car that contains vital information about its origins. Decode This! will decode a VIN for classic as well as modern cars (1953 through 2016) for most brands, providing detailed information on the model, including engine type, options, standard equipment, and other vital pieces of information in order to aid the user in buying, selling, or simply identifying a vehicle.

Decode This is the only VIN decoder in the world that decodes classic car VINs from a variety of manufacturers, and with its ability to also decode VINs from modern vehicles (1980s to current) it stands apart from the other online VIN Decoders. Currently over 14 million unique VINs have been decoded since the service was launched in October 2006.